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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a summer sizzler and this one is sticking around. it is already hot and humid along boathouse row. temperatures will soon soar into dangerous territory. and we are expecting yet another heatwave. good afternoon everyone, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. right over to katie fehlinger in the weather center norths the numbers it is the feels like we're paying attention
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to right, kaley? >> absolutely, we see this casino of heat every summer t does appear now as though we will end one heatwave that extends through the seven day period. so yes, a long stretch of days that are going to get you here if you're not prepared adequately again we see these kind of days all the time this time of year, as long as you're prepared adequately, that's where we come n you will be just fine, so let's go ahead start things offer by taking out to quiet view of storm scan3 taking afternoon nap apparently, high pressure building in for us here, but we do because starting to see little more of stagnant air mass settle in, have air quality issues specific to the garden state all at least in our area here, say for atlantic, cape may county, all included in the air quality alert. if you fall into sensitive category, say elderly children respiratory illnesses, that kind of thing if you have asthma there is air mass could bug you today. so be ready for. that will our current dew point actually even since last check just dropped down agree or two. but we are right around 70, what i would certainly call
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owe press whiff it comes to your comfort index factoring in the moisture with the actual air temperature. so, we look forward in this forecast, expecting daytime high to hit about 91, that will happen about 4:00 p.m. or so. but, this is just the beginning. look at this. non-stop 90's, i love the headline. looks as though we will keep them going right through the rest of the work week, and even into the upcoming weekends, how long will this actually last? i'll answer that a bit later in the show. >> katie, thank you. you can track that heat along with our meteorologist, all you need is cbs philly weather app. check the live radar and also get severe weather alerts, and share your weather pictures with us, download that app right now on itunes and google play. well utility crews are making repairs to broken water main on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. that 12-inch main ruptured shortly after 6:00 a.m. in the northbound outer lane near cottman avenue. the water department says no customers lost service because
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of the break. there is no word on what caused it. fire officials want to know if this morning's fire in southwest philadelphia was intentionally set. the flames swept through at least two homes in the 5900 block of kingsessing avenue about 3:30 this morning, three people inside a corner home ran for their lives. neighbors woke up to the sound of firefighters banking on doors and leaving victims to safety. >> i said oh let me get something over my jammies. and by the time i got myself partly together it was coming up the steps. >> one firefighter was taken to presbyterian hospital for treatment of minor injuries. and there were no injuries in this house fire, this is in monroe township gloucester county the fire broke out about 3:30, 200 buckingham court, arrived to find heavy fire through the roof.
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trapped, but fire officials tell cbs-3 there was no one in the home at the time of the fire investigators looking for cause right now. >> just in, the last of the survivors hurt in last night's train derailment has now been released from the hospital. temple university hospital, which received the bulk of the trauma patient reports that they're no longer treating any more derailment victims. eight people were killed, and more than 200 other were injured when train 188 jumped the tracks, at frankford junction, on may 12th. >> well, those eager to buy regional rail passes for the pope's visit will have to wait little bit longer. the hold-up comes after high demand crashed septa he retail site last week as "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch tells us plan to relaunch sales remains up in the air. >> in two month, the busy septa regional rails of 30th street station are bound to be busier, a buzz with crowds, arriving to see the pope. >> had time to prepare so i'm assuming they know what they're doing. >> perhaps thousands were
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hoping monday would be the day to find out when and where to buy those septa passes for the pope's september 26 weekend visit. didn't happen, though. septa's press conference was abruptly called off. >> make it difficult for people to use public transit there is a big problem. >> the papal pass process has not been a smooth one. >> what we decided to do is to suspend the site until further notice. >> last monday, in just minutes, the agency says, its on line purchase portal was overwelmed hundreds of thousands of transactions swamped the site. some are not at all surprised. >> when you look at the amount of traffic coming onto site, just to purchase the ticket, to be able to move around, and then the fact limiting them to only a certain amount of people, it is going to be quite interesting to see thousand plays out. >> so far only 201 of 350,000 passes were sold, just before the site crashed. >> we were overwelmed by the number of people who tried to access the site.
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and the site has failed. >> septa had planned to redo the roll-out last week but pulled at the last minute out of caution. sales could resume as soon as this week. septa said they'll provide 24 hour window as heads up. at 30th street station justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, if there is only 62 days left until the pope's historic visit to philadelphia. stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" as we get you ready for this major event. a wanted man is in custody after leading law enforcement on wild two-hour chase on both sides of the delaware. it started around 7:30 last night, when an armed robbery suspect got away from police, during a traffic stop in camden county. the suspect drove to philadelphia, back over the bridge to new jersey, and eventually back into pennsylvania. police caught the driver near philadelphia international airport. >> we thought he was armed. we had our swat units also, engaged in the area in case there was a confrontation. so we were concerned about
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this, being that he did a gunpoint robbery, we know he used the shotgun in the robbery, it else you the type of vehicle he had a gun in the car. >> police have identified the driver as robert ritter, ritter was wanted on armed robbery warrant from brooklawn, camden county. there is a hearing today in maryland, for the man prosecutors say stabbed a mother of his young child and his 21 month old daughter over the weekends in west oaklane. it is not clear if 41 year old steven burton will be brought back to philadelphia to face charges, or fight his extradition. >> the mother and daughter remain in critical condition. and, 51 year old prison worker, joyce mitchell, has enters guilty plea to charges she helped convicted murderers richard murder and david matt escape. she admitted she smuggled hacksaw blades in hamburger meet. richard matt was killed during the manhunt, sweat was arrested after three weeks on the run. right now, tragic ending to the search for missing girl
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in california. >> police are saying that a body found in a trash bin is likely that of eight year old madison middleton. they are now questioning a 15 year old boy who lived in the same santa cruz housing complex, where the little girl disappeared. madison was last seen on surveillance video on sunday, riding her scooter. her body was found in a dumpster at the complex last night. republican presidential candidate mike huckabee said he's received overwhelmingly positive praise from people who were jewish. after making a controversial comment this weekend regarding the us nuclear deal with iran. craig boswell has details for us from washington. >> mike huckabee refuses to apologize for controversial comments he made about president obama's deal with iran to curb its nuclear program. >> he would take the israelis, and basically mark them -- march them to the door of the off glenn comment have drawn
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criticism from president obama, the israeli ambassador to the u.s., and several of huckabee's gop presidential opponent. >> i certainly don't use ladies and gentlemen like, that i tell them against the iran deal, it is a bad deal. >> huckabee says iran has threatened to wipe israel off the map with another hole owe cast. >> will not apologize will not recant because the word hole owe cast was invoked by the iranian government. >> president obama and others suggested governor huckabee just trying to get attention in a crowded field of republicans running for the white house. this morning, huckabee rejected that claim. >> if i was going to make noise, don't you think i would have better forum than weekends satellite radio show that i didn't think that many people would even be listening to? >> huckabee has used the controversy and fundraising emails to supporters. >> craig boswell, cbs news. >> in an hour, wisconsin governor and gop presidential candidate, scott walker, will be sampling philly cheese steak, making campaign stop
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this afternoon at pat's and geno's in south philly. walker has been chris-crossing the country since launching his presidential campaign three weeks ago. meanwhile, president obama is headed back to the u.s. after wrapping up his five-day trip to africa. the president delivered a speech to the african union delegation in ethiopia. he pledged continued us support in the fight against terrorism. and, called on leaders to create new opportunities for the next generation. >> the most powerful antidote, to ways of doing things; this new generation of african youth, history shows that the nation's that do best are the ones that invest in the education of their people. >> earlier this week the president visited kenya home country of his late father. >> knee april for air travelers raising eyebrows, because it is called the mile high avenue. see there is controversy, more on this story coming up. >> also, strange tail of
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survivor. man missing for a week is found alive under a tree. >> plus caught red handed, surveillance video catches a man stealing bag full of money. coming up who accidentally left the loot behind and how much was in that bag.
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>> person jumped out of van
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grabs the bag of cash, and takes off. inside that bag $150,000, police say the atm employees are cooperating in the investigation, and that suspect remains at large. we know what caused crash of virgin crash last year. >> saying the co-pilot unlocked the spaceship's breaking system early and that caused a catostrophic structural failure. the spaceship broke apart during test flight over the dessert last october. co-pilot was killed, pilot seriously injured. the smithsonian's first ever kick starter campaigning is a success museum met it goal to raise $500,000, to restore the space suit, worn by neil armstrong during his historic moon walk in 1969. now, the new see sum hoping to raise more money to help conserve the suit of allen shepherd he's the first american in space. we have details now of
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just a miraculous rescue, maryland man missing for seven days is found alive pinned under a huge tree. emergency crews pulled 66 year old larry shady from the tree in springdale near washington d.c. they say shady fell down a 15-foot incline, and then slid right underneath that tree. he says he lasted those seven long days with no food or water. doctors say he is expected to recover from dehydration and some minor injuries. surf champ nick fanning is doing a lot better than coming back from a shark attack, tuning up for another championship. yesterday he delighted beach-goers along the gold coast when hit the waves like the attack never happened. he road about dozen waves in a little more than a half hour. fans who actually watched the attack live say that it looked like fanning was as good as ever. >> the hull of the fishing boats are out there with fishing bathe out there so he
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is gutsy. >> i wouldn't be doing that, that's for sure. >> he was amazing, so cool. >> indeed it was so cool. well, fanning was not seriously hurt in last week's shark attack. he says that he's ready for the next surf championship in tahiti, on august the 14th. >> good for him. well hey, are you looking to find new friend or partner while flying the friendly skies? if so, there is now an app for. that will it is called mile high. the app allows pass inning tears chat via message or group forum. you can find and track one by flight numbers. mile high's creator says the app is actually intended to be more about business and networking and not about dating, but you go and name it mile hi, come on, what do you think we'll guess about it? indeed. >> still ahead this noon, book written by dr. seuss decades ago, is hitting store shelves today. >> and that is still ahead on "eyewitness news", plus curious baby owl, made some new friends. who shot this adorable video after the break.
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katie? >> oh, that's precious. can't wait to see that. we, my friends are heating up significantly, starting today and it looks as though the entire seven day forecast, may actually qualify as an extended heatwave for our area. so we'll walk you through all of the in's and outs of this, little relief on the way i'll explain, all coming
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have a look at this, newest dr. seuss book, the first, in more than 25 years. a million copies of which pet should i get are in book stores right now. >> you just know this will be terrific. dr. seuss, who is real name is theodur guysel likely wrote this book about 50 years ago he died in 1991.
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random house says they plan to publish even more dr. seuss books found among his papers and his books are just though childhood classic, the more we can get the better, right? >> the cat and the hat the first one. >> oh, and oh, the places you go, one of my favorites. >> so many great ones. >> green eggs and ham. >> little girls will be hearing lots of those. >> maybe a dr. seuss book about the weather. >> there very well may be. i would say the cat in the hat, talking about the rain, good one right there but not too much rain in this forecast. a lot of heat to compensate. absolutely. >> our big weather hit line at this point, so talking temperatures easily in the 90s today, tomorrow, and well beyond. so let's just go ahead get you right outside. i want to show you what's happening with the atmosphere, why things are going the way they're going with the trend. and, initially, i know your eye gets immediately drawn to what's happening through iowa, wisconsin, right? heavy under this earl storm, some of which are very much wind driven thunderstorms very impressive wind gusts already rolled through portions of the northern
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planes, and that's eventually the front that will be crossing our area, but it doesn't do very much to the pattern. i'll explain. meanwhile, also, stalled frontal boundary well off to the south here, even what promise initially on some of the computer models last week to maybe even turn into tropical system, does not look like that's going to happen. but very heavy rain, is the expectation, down across florida, and you can see what's going to happen here with our future weather map thrown over top of. >> this now as far as we're concerned, high pressure generally the theme through the rest of the day today through tomorrow, you can see some of the moisture starting to build up off to the south and west, as this next cold front, that we just showed you, over wisconsin starts to creep ever closer. that will eventually come thursday afternoon start to trigger some showers, some locally heavy if not stronger gusty thunderstorms, but his front, so testify ten see front roll through knock the heat back. it doesn't really happen that way, this time. simply because, it is not real that i strong, with the cold air that's coming in it wake. so we will stay, we think into the 90s here for the next
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couple every days, for now your feels like values, factoring in the humidity here, but his is far better gauge when you walk out the door the way you want to dress is shorts and t-shirt obviously as loose fitting clothing as you possibly can muster up here, or just head to the pool. the core of the heat at this point still definitely confined basically across the mid and lower mississippi valley right now. where it feels like your a currently into trip ill digit territory. some that far will migrate our way with time here. now as you might imagine that is definitely messing with our eyewitness weather health report. we've got a lot of bright yellow showing up here, air quality, talked about this earlier, up at moderate today especially new jersey, not ideal. pollen levels little higher, uv index very high, and when you factor in the humidity, your heat index values, it is the category called extreme caution. you just need to be careful make sure you're staying hydrated water is the beverage of choice obviously certainly make sure to take frequent breaks. meanwhile out in the live neighborhood network we go, had a lot of fog this morning in kutztown, but at this point, things have definitely cleared out.
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another location, for you here, out in middle township high school, clear as a bell, but it is getting toasty out there, 79 degrees currently near the shore point. we like to give you gauge how great the pool forecast is going to be, thinking, five out of five beach balls sound good for. >> this talk about a nice excuse to take a dip here. but look at this. we keep up in the 90s for the first five actually six seventh day of the next seven and the steamy days look to be tomorrow and thursday, where it likely feels like triple digit. well thankfully see the humidity take bit of break by friday that's good news. >> and another place the shore. >> beat the heat there. here go. close encounter of cute kind. pair of colorado sheriff deputies end count they are baby northern saw wet owl just hawking out in a rural road near boulder. stopped to get a look, then the baby owl watts just as curious as the deputy. both this video and those photos have thousands of views on the sheriff's facebook page. we're coming right back.
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what a hoot.
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something fishes going on at the south jersey community, the unique way they are dealing with one of summer's biggest pests. the mosquito. we'll tell you all about that at 6:00. that's "eyewitness news" at noon i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. for katie all of us here, thank you for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at life's the food
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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>> victoria: are you sure that abby knows you wanted to meet with us tonight? >> victor: yeah. her text said that she would be here momentarily. >> victoria: [ sighs ] >> abby: sorry, sorry. i am here. >> victor: there you are. >> victoria: hope we didn't pull you away from anything too important. >> abby: as a matter of fact -- you know what? obviously what's going on here takes priority, so, um, what's up? >> victor: i asked you both to come here to discuss the future of our company, okay? now that that parasite gabriel bingham is no longer c.e.o. of the company and jack is out of the hospital, jack and i will be running the company together. >> billy: just take it easy, you know? >> jack: [ breathing shakily ] >> phyllis: you okay?


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